We Can Recommend
We can recommend a number of SI's we've worked on past in outsourcing or implementation projects. Occasionally we've subcontracted our resources via the SI's and have learned the specification standards of more than 5 major SI's.

A company we can gladly recommend for TMF NGOSS designs is Logan-Orviss International: http://www.logan-orviss.com/


Some of Our Specialties

We are experienced in implementing solutions for Fulfillment (Service & Network Provision, Configuration Management, NIMS/GIS, Network Engineering solutions), Assurance (Service & Network Assurance, QoS in all flavours), CRM and Billing. One of our specialties is TMF SID Data and Information models and IEEE MIB implementations.

We've worked closely with TMF and applied eTOM Business Processes in practice and as base for NGOSS designs.

We've worked on interfacing network elements, EMS's, NMS's and Service Management solutions from Nokia, Ericsson, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Tellabs, Marconi and many others. We have designed solutions for number of Equipment manufacturers (TEM's).

We've gained over ten years experience on integration of HP (Compaq/DEC) TeMIP platforms.